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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 31 Jan 2007

I love noir, films, books, crime stories, westerns, graphic novels, short stories, music...but I would never go as far as calling it a Œphilo¹ far as I understand (and learned way back in lyc饠over there and college here) philos are quite a bit larger in scope than noir; noir maybe a sub genre/trend/movement...whatever....within a philosophy but I doubt it stands alone as one...and in any case I never saw any literature or criticism along those lines...but maybe my info is outdated???...I welcome your input on those lines...
...and it stems positively from Œa point of view¹...a world view...that¹s for sure.

I don¹t understand though your reference to Harry Potter???...which is part of the Œfantastique¹ or imaginary or the old peplums of yesteryears, or any other definition/attribution you want to give it but I don¹t get the Œnoir¹ reference...Please infrom us...

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On 1/31/07 6:12 PM, "Michael Robison" <> wrote: John Lau wrote:
> I consider noir a philosophy or point of view, rather
> than stylistic trappings.
> *************
> I do too. The stylistic trappings are there to
> reinforce the philosophy. You can take away the dark
> style and the noir philosophy still remains.
> Anderson's Thieves Like Us.
> But the dark mood alone does not noir make. Harry
> Potter.
> miker

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