RARA-AVIS: Re: RE : Lolita and noir

From: Michael Sharp ( msharp@binghamton.edu)
Date: 03 Feb 2007

Just a note on _Lolita_. I think it's astonishingly funny (despite the manifest cruelty of HH). Absolutely Laugh-Out-Loud funny ("Nurse that tooth"). Not only that, I think the reason the first _Lolita_ movie succeeds (despite a too-old Lolita) and the more recent J. Irons version fails miserably, is that the former movie understood how crucial humor was to N's vision, and the latter ... did not.

Whether _Lolita_ is noir or not ... it borrows conventions and locales
(esp. motels), and it has an unreliable narrator a la J Thompson
(writing in the same decade for a very different audience). So it's noirish, for sure. Noir tends to be a pretty flexible mode rather than an airtight genre anyway, right?

Just some scattered opinions from a constant lurker,


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