RARA-AVIS: Re: "Just the Facts"

From: mburch5717 ( mburch5717@AOL.com)
Date: 01 Feb 2007

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Yikes! I just noticed a particularly egregious error in my previous posting about Jim Doherty's fine book "Just the Facts".

In the third sentence I wrote that the book was about the lives of 'lawmakers'. What a mistake! It what comes from having spent my career in Washington, DC.

I had meant to say the book was about'lawmen'. Sadly one of the biggest groups of lawbreakers are lawmakers who are, in turn, arrested by lawmen.

> Just wanted to alert the flock to a great book by one of the many
> talented writers who grace this group.
> I'm refering specifically to Jim Doherty's non-fiction book "Just
> Facts".
> It's a collection of Jim's columns that detail the real lives of
> lawmakers. The book also provides extraordinary research and info
> about what novels and/or movies these heroes inspired.
> It's extremely well-written and entertaining as well as being
> informative. What's not to like?
> It's also conveniently available on Amazon.
> Go get it. I guarantee you'll enjoy it.
> Mike

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