RARA-AVIS: Kent's finds

From: Juri Nummelin ( juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi)
Date: 01 Feb 2007

Kent Morgan:

> Seven Votes for Death - Pat Bannister - Gold Medal

I think I've read this. IIRC, a pretty good, but rather standard novel by a female author.

> This Game of Murder - Richard Deming - Priority (UK edition)

Are you sure the publisher isn't Priory? I've liked almost every book I've read from Deming and it could be that the bad ones are bad because of the Finnish translation. He's not much talked about these days, even though there's the same solid fifties atmosphere in the best of his crime novels. This one, though, was on my list of his bad ones. Try FALL GIRL (1959) or HIT AND RUN
(1960). The last one is a classic, Cain with a twist. It should be reprinted by someone like Hard Case or Point Blank or Stark House. Are you listening?

> And Dream of Evil - Tedd Thomey - Priority

Lee Server puts this on his list of 110 of best noir novels.
(It's actually a list of ten, but it's an addition to the best 100 provided by Ed Gorman.) I've read another novel by Thomey, KILLER IN WHITE, which is a Gold Medal, and it's simply brilliant. I think this one was a hardback.

> The Great March West - Terrance Dicks - Target (UK)

Dicks wrote some Doctor Who novelizations for the kiddies in the seventies. How hardboiled can you possibly get?

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