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Haven't read that one, but I do have his newest one, THE CRIMES OF JORDAN WISE, on hold at my local library -- it sounds like a wonderful throwback to the Gold Medal caper classics:

From Booklist Three perfect crimes, each with its own special savor, but each ruled by the cool calculation of a cautious, bespectacled numbers cruncher whose brush with a femme fatale awakens his heart and his dark side. Set largely in the sultry Virgin Islands, where our embezzler and his girl abscond after the first perfect crime, Pronzini's latest deftly plotted thriller unfolds with the methodical poise of his antihero and with the mesmerizing inevitability of Greek tragedy. Like Domenic Stansberry's -Edgar-winning vThe Confession
(2004), Pronzini's many stand-alones (including In an Evil Time, 2001, and Step to the Graveyard Easy, 2002) recall the lean, classic noir of Cornell Woolrich and David Goodis, and their relative dearth of grit, grime, and profanity makes them a great recommendation for a wide range of suspense readers. Pronzini's Nameless Detective series gets more attention, but his stand-alones are every bit as essential to most library crime-fiction collections. David Wright Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Book Description

Jordan Wise is a mild-mannered accountant with a large San Francisco engineering firm in the late 1970s. By his own admission, the first thirty-four years of his life were dull, empty. But that all changes when he meets and falls in love with Annalise Bonner, an ambitious young woman who craves excitement, a life on the edge.

With her as the catalyst, Wise concocts and executes a meticulous plan to steal more than half a million dollars from his firm. They escape to the Virgin Islands, but their plans to live a life of quiet luxury are beset by unexpected pitfalls -- and Wise is forced to carry out two more ingenious schemes as a result. All three of his crimes are perfect -- or are they?

THE CRIMES OF JORDAN WISE is a classic tale of love, greed, betrayal, and violence told with Bill Pronzini's characteristic twists and turns and his special brand of suspense. It is also a powerful psychological examination of a man, a woman, and the wages of sin.

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> Hi. I just read Bill Pronzini's book, The Snatch. It's a great book!
> Anyone,else,read it? ------------------ Jeff Brown

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