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Date: 31 Jan 2007

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> The original Double Indemnity (1944) is my favorite film noir -- it's right
> up there with The Maltese Falcon as one of the all-time greats.
> Darrell

my absolute favorite is Sunset Blvd, which also happens to be my favorite film of all time. made a decade or more later than the above mentioned, it doesn't suffer from the staginess of those earlier works and is in fact pretty modern in its cinematic technique. it captures the era in which it takes place as well as the timeless vacuum of the soul that Hollywood remains to this day

I also favor Bogart's more naturalistic performance in In A Lonely Place over his turn in Falcon

1980's Body Heat is so faithful to the plot of Double Indemnity, it amazes me that it isn't credited as an adaptation. and for a film that is 27 years old, it is interesting seeing how contemporary it still remains

I'm of the belief that noir can be depicted in contemporary film, because unlike some, I consider noir a philosophy or point of view, rather than stylistic trappings. it certainly updates well in print in Vicki and Jason's work. and it comes across in latter day films such as Seven

John Lau

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