Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Movie Marlowe

Date: 29 Jan 2007

Every time Clive Owen is in a successful movie, I hope someone will try to capitalize on it with a US release of the Brit PI series he starred in, Sharman, based on Mark Timlin's character. I've been a fan of Owen's for some time, ever since I saw him in the cop series, Second Sight. As for humor, he was in a successful comedy, Greenfingers
(though I never saw it). Still he plays weary/jaded cool well in Croupier, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, the BMW shorts and Children of Men. I'd be quite happy with him as Marlowe, provided he can do the accent (I wasn't thrilled by his accent in Sin City, which seemed to make his voice less distinctive). Then again, I can easily hear Marlowe speaking in a kind of trans-Atlantic accent, maybe a bit of Cary Grant (as long as it's not played for camp). Remember, Grant was Chandler's dream Marlowe.

And I'm with Vince in regard to Dick Powell's Murder My Sweet being the best adaptation (I do like Long Goodbye, but not as Chandler).


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