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From: E. Borgers (
Date: 28 Jan 2007

I agree with John Lau, especially that thre TV beating started during the early days of TV series.
  But, hey! the genre, as novels, was already beaten to death during the 50s ad 60s.
  On the other hand, I do not think Altman tried to kill the genre.
  The script tried to create a Marlowe living in the modern time, not a clone. Shocking for Chandler fans like us, but it carries most of the same values and attitudes Chandler had used to create Marlowe.
  I saw thefilm at the time of first release, and I was shocked... because in fact we were expecting a copy of what is in Chandler's books and directly rooted in the films noirs of the 4Os and 50s; all things Altman did not with his film.
  A few years later, I rediscovered this film on a second and third "revisit", and found by myself his hidden richness and intricated construction. To the point that I consider it as a classic of the genre. It's more Altman than Chandler, I agree with this, but Chandler is there, in the deep soul of the film.
  I stil discover new things in this film each time I watch it.
> "The Long Goodbye" might have been a success at what Altman was
> attempting to do (kill the PI film), but by pretty much any other benchmark, it's a
> failure.

what killed the PI film was television beating the genre to death, which it is now doing to police procedurals

John Lau

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