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Date: 27 Jan 2007

I have even more respect for Vilmos because of something that happened at that apartment a few months ago, John. Frank Darabont and a crew from NBC wanted to shoot part of a TV pilot called RAINES in the apartment. They scouted it, then deemed it too small. They didn't think they could get enough angles. They asked me what was different in the place that had made it smaller since '73 and I showed them that the only changes were the fact that a few cabinet doors had been taken off back then to give the feeling of a more open space. The work area was unchanged. The crew in 1973 obviously had to deal with much bulkier equipment than Frank's crew would have been working with, but they managed to get through it all without too much strain. Darabont finally decided to build the apartment on a set and just shoot exteriors at High Tower (using our pad as video village).

These kids nowadays....

Glad you're a fellow fan of TLG.


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>it is a beautiful looking film
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