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Date: 26 Jan 2007

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>Tooting my own horn:
>I've been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award as part of the ensemble
>cast of DEADWOOD. The awards are broadcast live this Sunday, January 28 on
>both the TNT and TBS channels. The times are 5 p.m. Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7
>Central, and 8 Eastern, I believe. Tune in if you can. Maybe you'll see me
>and my sister Denise on the red carpet. If that's your idea of a good time.

Congratulations, Jim! Hope your team takes the Gold. Not only are you a great actor and writer, but your opinion of Altman's The Long Goodbye proves you are a man of high intelligence and impeccable taste as well!

(Ah, the old Long Goodbye debate. Does any movie cause more trouble on the streets - and listservs - than this one? It's like mentioning religion or politics at a dinner party. Lines are automatically drawn in the sand and sabers begin to rattle. I should add that I am writing this post from Marlowe's Long Goodbye apartment at the High Tower apartments in the Hollywood hills, so you know which side of the battle I'm on. I think the movie is a true work of art that does no disservice to the novel whatsoever. As Cain - and others - have said, the novel is doing fine right there on the shelf. The movie is a seperate entity and offers unique delights for those who want to open their minds to an expanded experience and a terrific time capsule of the early 70s. As a sidebar: the legendary cinematographer of this film, Vilmos Zsigmond, is nominated for an Oscar this year for The Black Dahlia. He was great then, he's great now.)

But back to Deadwood: Jim, any news as far as the proposed wrap up of the series goes? Is it happening? Or has Milch abandoned it for the surfing show?

(Although the one thing I agree with Jim Doherty about is that the show seemed to fall apart after your departure. Luckily for them the season was almost over.)

Good luck at the awards!


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