Re: RARA-AVIS: Re:The Long Goodbye

From: Stephen Blackmoore (
Date: 24 Jan 2007

I so wanted to like this movie. I tried. I tried real hard. I tried so much it hurt.

But in the end, as you said, it's not Chandler, it's Altman, and I was looking for Chandler.

-Stephen Blackmoore

Jim Beaver wrote:
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> > It still does cause outcries from Chandler fans, as
> > well it should, since it's a piece of crap that has so
> > little reason to exist that, had Altman's parents
> > known that conceiving Robert Altman would eventually
> > result in his version TLG being put on film, they
> > would have remained celibate.
> Ooh, that's hard. I love Altman's TLG -- love it. It's not Chandler, it's
> Altman, as they say. More than that, if it were a song, it wouldn't be
> the
> Dinah Shore "Blues in the Night," it'd be the Charlie Parker.
> Jim Beaver

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