Re: RARA-AVIS: More movie Marlowe?

From: Channing (
Date: 24 Jan 2007

Clive Owen might be a nice guy, and he's getting critical acclaim for his Children of Men, but I defy you to tell me if he's ever shown an emotion in a movie. He walks through all of his films with wooden vacancy. He would've been terrible as James Bond and he'll be even worse as Philip Marlowe. Also, has he EVER cracked a joke?

Interesting question: Which living, working actor SHOULD play Philip Marlowe? And I don't mean like "James Caan 30 years ago." But which actor RIGHT NOW?

 Just off the top of my head, I would suggest Russell Crowe, even though he's not very popular right now. He showed the weight and '40's believability in LA Confidential. And he showed a lighter side, but still a dominating one in Master And Commander.


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