RARA-AVIS: Re: Cormac McCarthy's _The Road_

From: Jacques Debierue ( matrxtech@yahoo.com)
Date: 12 Jan 2007

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, "Craig Larson" <CLarson@...> wrote:
> After trying a couple of his books and giving up (the creative use or
> non-use of punctuation, particularly in dialogue passages, makes it hard
> to keep reading), I finally managed to stick with a McCarthy title, his
> latest, _The Road_, all the way through and was absolutely riveted. The
> book follows a father and son as they trek through the ruins of an
> apocalyptic America, foraging for food and trying to keep clear of the
> "bad guys." It's told in short bursts of story and is a fairly short
> book, but it was completely gripping and depressing and noirish. Maybe
> I'll have to go back and give _Blood Meridian_ another try after all.
You must. Blood Meridian is made of the stuff they give (or ought to give) Nobel prizes for... speaking of which, McCarthy's name was sounding insistently for the Prize this year. Maybe an ultrahardboiled master will finally win it. Now watch them give it to Updike or Oates, and watch me covered in egg (the egg of honor, to salvage something).



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