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Date: 11 Jan 2007

I can't say that I'm at all surprised by this, Miker. After all, "literary" these days seems to pretty much be a watchword for "pretenious" and "dismissive of "non-literary" fiction. Also, why would a "literary" author actually have any sort of structure to a non-fiction piece he does? Structure, plot, narrative flow, etc., are all currently frowned upon by what passes for the smart set in "literary" fiction.

All of this is a large part of why a friend of mine refers (rightly, I think) to literary fiction as "just another genre."

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  I spent a few minutes reading Barry Hannah's article
  on noir in the southern literary magazine, Oxford
  something or other. I almost didn't finish it. The
  first four paragraphs were worthless. After that he
  decided to actually get down to the subject. He
  mentioned some great noir fiction classics, but he
  didn't shed any new light on the subject, or even
  frame it with any particular clarity. He spends a
  couple useless paragraphs describing several of what
  he considers unbelievable portrayals of murder in
  Hammett's Red Harvest. I do give him credit for
  mentioning Faulkner's Sanctuary.

  I read a short and unmemorable novel by Hannah here
  recently. This article was of the same caliber.


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