Re: RARA-AVIS: Cockfighting in the News

From: Jacques Debierue (
Date: 10 Jan 2007

--- In, vhend1234@... wrote:
> There's something terribly interesting about all this, that I can't quite
> figure out. When I read Cockfighter, I was enthralled with the details of
> preparing the birds, and the statistics, all of it. As a total animal-lover I
> expected to be appalled. I almost want to see a fight, although I know I'd hate
> it. I don't know if my interest is due to Willeford's expertise in writing or
> the subject itself.
> Vicki

Vicki, I think you would love bullfighting. Far more exciting than cockfighting, partly because there's a guy involved (considerable art, too). Now, I don't know if you'll root for the torero or for the toro, but you will inevitable take sides. It's in the nature of the thing. As to cockfighting, I've never liked the types that gather around such sessions. It strikes me as a villager-type sport turned into something considerably worse than that. And I abhor betting.



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