RARA-AVIS: Re: Noir with no crime?

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Date: 07 Jan 2007

Has cockfighting always been against the law? When I read Cockfighter a few weeks ago I got curious about this same topic because there were cops at some of the fights for security. I looked it up on wikipedia which claims that cockfighting is legal in New Mexico and Louisiana, but didn't see a date when laws against it were passed in other states. From reading the book I got the feeling it was legal but frowned on for the illegal gambling taking place at the fights; the cockfighter magazines Frank reads and is mentioned in added to my thinking it was legal since there were magazines chronicling all the fights and where they are/were held. If laws against cockfighting weren't passed until after Cockfighter was written does that mean it still qualifies as a noir-without-crime book? ;) (playing devil's advocate)


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> Vicki has already pointed out that cockfighting itself is a crime.
> Also, although it wasn't a big plot point in Willeford's book, wasn't
> one of the hotel room cockfights ripped off at gunpoint?
> Mark

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