Re: RARA-AVIS: Noir by female authors

Date: 04 Jan 2007

miker wrote:

"On the other hand, Dorothy Hughes's Ride the Pink Horse was spectacular."

So is her In A Lonely Place.

"Also I see no particular advantage sticking with the older classics."

Not if you're trying to argue that a female author leads to a more feminine perspective. In fact, all of these older classics still had male leads and male points of view (although one section of Laura is in a female voice, though I agree with miker that it's not very noir or hardboiled, except maybe the cop's sections), even if they did have female authors. And there's that story that those (Hawks?) who hired Leigh Brackett for Big Sleep based on her writing were surprised when they found out she was a woman.

"Vicki Hendricks's Iguana Love is outstanding, as is Natsuo Kirino's Out."

I agree with those endorsements.

Out got huge write-ups when it came out, deservedly so. However, that was years ago. No other Kirino books (from what I understand, she's pretty prolific in Japanese) have been translated. Did Out not sell well enough to warrant others?


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