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From: david david (
Date: 04 Jan 2007

thanks vicki, but it could have been worse: i could have been reading the textbooks. besides, i never thought bukowski was a good person or correct in his take on most things (as Juri pointed out: he was a drunken misogynist)--i just liked the readability and honesty of his writing.

at 13 i was also the singer of a punk rock band, and that was also better for me than junior high. schools are archaic child obedience factory-prisons, mainly. at least mine was.

i wrote a short story when i was 18 about a young rebel who idolizes bukowski and tries to live like him. he runs into chinaski at the race track and befriends him. bukowski is the devil and chinaski is mephistopheles (or however you spell it). i had friends who took crazy risks trying to out-wild one another. i wrote a noirish novel about them. a lot of latch-key kids like me grew up fast in the late 70s, but it ain't nothing compared to kids today with instant net access.

happy new year, d.a.

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> Loved what you had to say about Bukowski, David.
> However, it's scary that
> you were reading him in junior high!
> Vicki
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