Re: RARA-AVIS: Dead Horse, and others

From: R. & J. Clinton (
Date: 02 Jan 2007

From: "Duane Swierczynski" <>
> I'm also glad you think the book is different in tone from its
> predecessor. I don't want to be producing clone after clone. (Though
> lately I have been itching to do a WHEELMAN sequel...) The next book,
> SEVERANCE PACKAGE, is very different from the first two, but
> hopefully, is just as fast-paced.

PACKAGE sounds very intriguing, Duane -- looking forward to it. Speaking of packages, am sending you one here in the next few days...thanks again.

BTW, a sequel to WHEELMAN certainly sounds like a worthy venture to me. I too am not much of one for sequels or series, but some stories are just too rich and too good to end so quickly and with such finality...WHEELMAN was certainly one of those books.

Ron C.

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