RARA-AVIS: Re: Caught Stealing

From: al_guthrie65 ( allan@allanguthrie.co.uk)
Date: 02 Jan 2007

That would make just about all commissioned BBC radio plays (they generally have very tight deadlines) commercial rather than artistic. Interesting perspective.

Perhaps only the rich have the luxury of being artistic. Which rules out most writers.

Al (also a self-confessed hack)

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> From Huston's website:
> Yes, I am a hack. A hack writer banging at deadlines.
> Slapping words into place. Finding errors in judgment
> 100 pages back that it's too fucking late to do
> anything about so I better figure out a way to force
> the plot to make up for it in the next 50 pages. This
> is how pulp is made.
> **************
> Well, there you have it. True words on the origins of
> pulp, with an emphasis more on the commercial than the
> artistic.
> miker
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