RARA-AVIS: New/old member reintroduction

From: scatalogic@aol.com
Date: 31 Dec 2006

Hello Avians,
  I have been here for years, went through a busy posting time, then, all was silence. I hosted a month once, on hardboiled British fiction and aim to become active again.
  Having just realised that pshycopathology and the management of newspapers seem to go twisted hand in iron glove I think I can now safely describe myself as a freelance journalist, writer and musician (through my Altar Ego, The Reverend Spadge Dooley, chief executive officer of the Church of the Awesome Machine Accidental.... not so much hardboiled and noir, as deep fried and crispy
  My hardboiled Gods are somewhat predictable: Chandler, Hammett, Derek Raymond, Jim Thompson, Horace McCoy sit at the top. I enjoy Pelecanos and love David Peace, who is the author of the last (nearly) hardboiled piece I read - The Damned United, which I would happily reccomend to anyone who can live in the world of English soccer and man's inhumanity to man. I'm also a big fan of the Maigret series and the man who started me on my life of crime was the grandest grandaddy of them all, Sherlock Holmes.
  In my work as a journalist I have regularly interviewed the Forest of Dean's highest profile crime writer, Andrew Taylor (The Lydmouth series, An American Boy) - who is probabaly not hardboiled by most standards - and CJ Emerson, a new author from the area who Mr Taylor praises highly and who probably has been in the pan a little longer. Shamefully, I am yet to have a chance to complete Ms Emerson's debut so can't report on it, it looks promising though.
  I should like to start posting again and becoming a more active Avian.

Happy new year to you all anyway - may your murders be grizzly and your evil banal.
  Colin Ricketts.
  Join my Church: www.myspace.com/thereverendspadgedooley

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