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From: al_guthrie65 ( allan@allanguthrie.co.uk)
Date: 22 Dec 2006

Goodis characters are frequently to be found confronting their own death. Take THE WOUNDED AND THE SLAIN, for instance, where the protagonist is thinking about committing suicide on the first page. Or SOMEBODY'S DONE FOR, where the book opens with the protagonist drowning, which goes on for page after page. Goodis's first words as a novelist, the opening line of RETREAT FROM OBLIVION: 'After a while it gets so bad that you want to stop the whole business.'

Some wise person once described Goodis's novels as extended suicide notes, and the vast majority certainly read as conversations with death. To me.


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> Dave wrote:
> "While most noir books include a murder or two (or three), these
> characters tend to be remorseless, and the hell they find themselves
> trapped in tend be caused by other factors . . ."
> Look at Goodis. Not all of his books feature murders, but he's
> got characters in hell.
> Mark

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