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Date: 22 Dec 2006

If you look strictly for females being the central character of the novel (during the period 1930/60), you will not find that much compared to the production of the genre HB/noir in that period.
  Besides the names already mentioned in the thread, there's at least two very famous JH Chase novels:
  I remember another wherein the "femme fatale" has a stronger role, away from the basic standards, a role on par (and as important) with the male protagonist (and it's an execellent and powerfull noir novel): BLACK WINGS HAS MY ANGEL (1953)
  by Elliott Chaze
  You have also a lot of non-Maigret novels by Simenon, most of which being real noir novels, wherein the central character is a woman. They all fit perfectly in your time-line.
  On the other hand, secondary female characters are numerous of course, and it may be difficult to decide if it's pure secondary or more tha that, depending on your own criteria.
  uplandharmabooks <> a 飲it :

I'm trying to compile a list of hard-boiled fiction and roman noir in which a woman is the protagonist (such as Wade Miller's "Branded Woman") or a co-protagonist (such as Thompson's "The Getaway" or Sanders' "Whiphand"). I'm trying to keep the titles in the era of 1930s - 1960s. I've contacted both the Kelley Collection in Buffalo and The Browne Popular Culture Library in Bowling Green, OH, and have received a reply from George Kelley himself suggesting I pick up a copy of "Deadly Women" by Jan Grape (which I'll do after Christmas).

I discovered Rara Avis over a year ago and love it. I think if anyone could help me with this list it would be the people here. Thanks very much everyone for your time and have happy holidays!



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