Re: RARA-AVIS: Female protagonists in hard-boiled fiction and roman noir

Date: 21 Dec 2006

By the way Amy, you mentioned Whip Hand by Sanders. You do know it was co-written by Charles Willeford, right?

Also, thought of another (sorta) female protagonist book -- Lawrence Block's Girl with a Long Green Heart, also recently reprinted by Hard Case Crime. She's not the main character, the two con men partners are, but she plays a very important role. Which kind of leads to a question: Where are you drawing the line for how big a role the woman must play? For instance, Hard Case's recent Charles Williams book, A Touch of Death, revolves around an uneasy partnership between a man and a woman. It strikes me that, to varying degrees, that relationship often applies to noir, between a man and the femme fatale he lusts after.


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