Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: The Peddler by Richard Prather

Date: 21 Dec 2006

Charles wrote:

"It's a commonplace to lament the degraded state of popular culture and to complain about increasing vulgarity, sexualization and so forth -- but based on at least some of the evidence I've seen, in some ways people are more uptight today than they were fifty years ago."

Mark answered:

"I agree - especially after reading this review in the NY Times's for a new DVD box set called 'TCM Archives - Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Vol 1.'"

But this kind of backs up my point about there being a weird disconnect about accepted culture now, between what is approved and what is accesible. People may complain loudly about them (or not if they're too far below the radar to be noticed by the mainstream), but "Forbidden" films are now available. During the Production Code days, they couldn't even be made, much less ordered online and in your mailbox in less than a week.


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