Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: S鲩e Noire

Date: 21 Dec 2006

Dave wrote:

"The only one I can come up with where the character is able to crawl away from the abyss is "The Name of the Game is Death", but with that one you expect at the end that Drake is irrevokably, permanently screwed."

Alas, he wasn't. Two books later, he was a government agent. The first sequel, Endless Hour, wasn't bad, no Name of the Game, but not bad, but I stopped reading the series after that third book, found out it was indeed as huge a drop-off as everyone has always said.

I keep meaning to read my second copy of Name of the Game. I found out that there were two very different editions published when I stumbled on a cheap first edition of it. I was always curious about that double copyright on my later edition, had thought it only had to do with changing the last chapter to allow a series. But it was completely rewritten. The plot is the same, even the paragraph breakdown in my somewhat random sampling, but the sentence structure is totally different. I once posted a comparison of the opening, a long time ago. Should be in the archives.


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