RARA-AVIS: Re: Noir; Duhamel and surrealists

From: JIM DOHERTY ( jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 Dec 2006


Re your comment below:

"Today, noir does not have a very definite meaning; however, it is easy to see when something _isn't_ noir, which shows that, however hazy, it is a robust concept and not a pure contraption of critics."

Finally common ground! It IS hard to pin down the meaning of noir, which is why I've always opted for a fairly generaly definition based on what seemed to me the common qualities all fiction/film deemed "noir" seemed to have.

Similarly, though, it is, as you say, usually easy to determine what is NOT noir.

And it is, indeed, a robust concept as the discussions it inspires on this list prove.


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