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From: Richard Moore (
Date: 19 Dec 2006

This is a reason why I qualified my comments with a "unless I am running into a blind spot..." in my post to cover my vast gaps of knowledge. Yes, it is likely that Cornfield was referring to the artist Magritte (with whom I am clearly unfamiliar). The characters and situation seem more akin to Georges Simenon but Cornfield may have well have intended for the bowler and umbrella to call to mind the surrealist to alert the audience to the fact that the rapidly approaching ending would be something other than realistic. The pronounciation is quite indistinct. The commentary track is so muddy and garbled that one commentor on IMDB passes along a silly rumor that someone else besides the director recorded the track.

Damn! I wish that museum in Brussels had been open one of the times I passed by to educate me on the surrealists and avoid this blushing display of ignorance.

That said, even after having the fine points illuminated, I still believe the ending of the movie is very unsatisfying.

Richard Moore

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> Richard, could Confield have been mispronouncing Magritte, or
> him with Simenon's detective, Maigret? Rene Magritte was a Belgian
> surrealist who did a lot of paintings of men in bowlers, some carrying
> umbrellas.
> Mark

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