Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: S鲩e Noire

Date: 19 Dec 2006


"[Noir] can also be condensed to one word, 'screwed.' With all of that, surely someone and often the protagonist is screwed."


"That's true, but even in the most gentle cozy someone is murdered, which is about as screwed as you can get. In order for noir to mean something other than a traditional mystery, the person screwed has, by inference, to be the protagonist."

I'm down with Jack's "screwed" definition. And though they're all dead, there is a big difference between the murder victims in cozies and noir, as Chandler pointed out in The Simple Art of Murder. Paraphrasing, we don't know the corpses in cozies. They're often dead before we even meet them; they're just there to set up a puzzle. However, we know the victims in noir well enough to know how and why they came to be screwed.


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