Re: RARA-AVIS: Re:Most Hard-Boiled?

From: Karin Montin (
Date: 19 Dec 2006

You are right, Kerry. For "this type of work" read "mystery novels" and for "there" read "in S鲩e Noir books."


At 12:06 PM 19/12/2006 -0500, Kerry wrote:
>"The immorality generally accepted in this type of work solely to serve as
>a foil for conventional morality is just as much at home there as fine
>feelings, even just plain amorality."
>I think Duhamel is saying here that the immorality (the dark and sinister
>quality) that shows up in other works solely as a contrast for conventional
>morality, finds a place in noir on a par with conventional morality or
>This would suggest that "dark and sinister" cannot be a defining
>characteristic of noir, as such atmospherics are used elsewhere. The
>difference is in how the immorality or dark and sinister atmosphere is
>employed. There is much that is dark and sinister in Sherlock Holmes
>stories, even in the character himself, but the stories confirm
>conventional morality, whereas noir spares no room for optimists.

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