From: Jacques Debierue ( matrxtech@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 Dec 2006

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, Ed Lynskey <e_lynskey@...> wrote:
> Has anyone read Joe Gores' new thriller, GLASS TIGER? PW and
> Booklist, I see, gave it good marks. Any thoughts?

I have not read it yet, though I look forward to any book by Joe Gores, even if it is about basket weaving or, more likely, repossessing basket-weaving supplies.

The last hardboiled book I read (actually reread) was Killshot by Elmore Leonard. It's good, but I did feel somewhat conned by the guy's technical ability. The characters come up a little short on depth (bad metaphor department alert), no, very short on depth. But the banter is excellent, as always. This did not become a great favorite the first time around, and I reread it because it's what I had at hand where I was staying. The alternatives were Tom Clancy, something about serial killers by Somebody Patterson and a bunch of tea-cosy, murder-in- the-manor, brick-size type of mysteries. The one Leonard in the shelf looked really good. You know hotels...



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