RARA-AVIS: contemporary writers

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 09 Dec 2006

In a recent post on heist novels, I mentioned a few of my favorite recent writers. But I thought I'd mention a few non-heist writers, too. Well, I mentioned Bruen, but gotta mention him again, as have so many others. Can't get enough of him, so I'm lucky he writes at such a breakneck pace.

It seems that Charlie Huston is trying to match his output. His second book of the year, fourth in two comes out in a few weeks. Can't wait. I'm thoroughly enjoying both of his series. I'm also looking forward to the anthologized version of his Moon Knight comic, which is scheduled for early next year.

Has Dominic Stansberry been mentioned? I wasn't the biggest fan of The Confession (not for the controversial point of view, but for the transparency of the gimmick), but was really impressed by The Last Days of Il Duce and Chasing the Dragon.

Not that new, but new in English translation, Jean-Paul Manchette blew me away. Wish someone was translating more of his work. Also did liked Total Chaos by Izzo, recently picked up the second in the series.


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