RARA-AVIS: B movie expert needed

From: m23to53 ( library.john@virgin.net)
Date: 08 Dec 2006

I need some help to find information on a 1930s crime writer and wonder if anyone can help with suggestions.

Hugh Brooke wrote a few novels in the 1930s, the English born son of a Bavarian count who came to England around the turn of the 19th century. Although I have a date and place of birth, I cannot find him in any of the birth registers available here. I am therefore trying to trace the father. A German count, he changed his name when he came to England, but ended up in Hollywood playing eccentric millionaires, mad scientists etc in B movies - in the 1930s I assume. But I do not know the name he worked under. Does anyone know of anyone who is a walking encyclopedia on Hollywood B movies of the 1930s who might be able to identify the father?

Many thanks John

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