RE : RARA-AVIS: Best Contemporary Hardboiled Author?

From: E. Borgers (
Date: 04 Dec 2006

Among the real hard-boiled novels published recently, I strongly advise you the following titles (and authors):
  - an absolute must: THE ICE HARVEST by Scott Pillips; a real heritage of the best HB of the past, plus a kind of modern touch. Dense, griping, though and ironic
  -GUN MONKEYS by Victor Gischler; a tough guy in a tough world. The itinerary of a survivor in a bloody maze. Violent, though and waved with some noir humor undertones
  - trilogy of inspector Llob (I think n°3 is already translated in the USA by now - anyway it's better to start with n°1: MORITURI - Toby Press ). The 3 volumes are by Yasmina Khadra, a former colonel in the national Algerian Army. Very direct tone in these novels about a cop torn between personal rebellion and chase of the corruption, in a world around him that is only corruption, murder and blood baths in the post-modern Algeria. Dark, pessimistic, with an irony close to cynicism. Great novels.
  Then, the British David Peace, probably the best noir writer of these past ten years. Very very dark, based on real life facts of the UK. A style of writing that places this author in a league that is wider than mystery/HB-noir territory. Try "1974" the first of his tetralogy about the Yorkshire Ripper. Far away from these boring serial murderer novels mostly made by best-sellers-would-be.
  I also advise you to read his stand-alone: "GB 84", wherein you will see what is social noir at his best; no preachers, facts, just facts. In a novel which is a mix of impressionist tales told in a multi voices very expressionist mood. A great book noir. HB by its intentions. Haunting.
  My two cents.


mburch5717 <> a 飲it : I'm rapidly running out of hardboiled classics to read. Would you, the collective, kindly recommend contemporary and relatively recent hardboiled favorites both authors and individual books.

I'd also be curious to get the flock's opinions about who's the best contemporary hardboiled writer. I want to see what sort of consensus there is on this question.

As always, thanks for your help.



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