Re: RARA-AVIS: Re:Best Contemporary Hardboiled Author?

From: R. & J. Clinton (
Date: 03 Dec 2006

From: "Terrill Lankford" <>

> My favorites who have so far gone unmentioned:
> Ed Gorman

Like Lansdale, who you also mentioned, I thought about mentioning Gorman, but his work is so varied -- and, in Gorman's case, so nostlagiac and often melancholy -- that I wasn't sure he particularly qualified as generally-speaking hard-boiled, at least not to the point where one could point to him without specifying which title of his to read if one's solely interested in "hardboiled." Having said that, I agree that both are fine and often very dark writers, among my very favorites...and would recommend either without hesitation.

For Lansdale, try FREEZER BURN, or THE BOTTOM for a more literary noir. For Gorman, try BLACK RIVER FALLS or THE POKER CLUB.

Ron C.

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