Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: can noir writers advocate social reform?

From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 28 Nov 2006

At 10:05 AM 28/11/2006 -0800, you wrote:

>Miker said, "In most noirs, the protagonist is doomed
>because of immoral actions, a lack of personal integrity."
>That is as close to my observation as I've seen, but I
>would add that sometimes the noir character has been moral
>and has had integrity right up until the point that he or
>she becomes obsessed or has a need that draws him into the
>vortex where of doom.

I know we disagree on this Jack, but to me this is tragedy (the observation above, not the fact that we disagree, sad though it is.) The protagonist would or could succeed but for a tragic flaw of some sort. But I think noir actually precludes the possibility of transcendence. She/he is doomed regardless.

Best, Kerry

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