Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Jack Palance, RIP

From: Patrick King (
Date: 16 Nov 2006

> While narratively inexplicable, even ridiculous,
> it's easily understood
> by film business standards -- didn't the financing
> come from England,
> with the proviso that it be made there? Money vs.
> Art, wonder which one
> Hollywood's going to go with?
> Mark

Sure, but the movie would have made real money if it had been good. It relied on the tough guy star power of Mitchum entirely. The movie needs to be remade because the Hays office cut all the most important parts of the story out. The Stearnwood sister needed to be naked when Marlow finds her in the bungalo. That's the only reason she could be blackmailed for those pictures. That was the improvement the Mitchum vehicle added but the story made no sense at all in England and completely undermined Chandler's edgy 1940's LA plot. If they wanted to spin their own story off Chandler's story line, that might have worked. But if they're trying to sell people like me, who love Chandler and Mitchum, all their project is going to do is piss me off. Who did they intend to make money off of with that hatchet job?

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