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Date: 05 Sep 2006

I'm not sure how the opposing football fans analogy works. If opposing fans agree that watching a game is an enjoyable way to pass the time and an author writes about it from their perspectives, but the author loathes football, how can you say the social assumption is the author's?

The same must apply to writing a Deadwood script. Social assumptions are a result of very deliberate craft. If they weren't, I imagine it'd be hard maintaining any kind of continuity with so many scriptwriters on board.


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>Rob, surely every screenwriter on The Wire or Deadwood can't have the same
>'social assumptions.'?

  Haven't seen the series, yet, but from what I've heard I gather that the
  writers generally agreed, quite consciously, that there was a lot of
  swearing going on in the old west, and that it is worthwhile to bring this
  to the attention of arm-chair television historians.

> What about co-authored novels -- James Patterson's 'social assumptions'
> or the guy who writes the novel from Patterson's spec? What about books
> written under house names -- can you tell the various authors apart by
> their different 'social assumptions'? What about Eric Knight, who wrote
> LASSIE, and, under the name Richard Hallas, also wrote YOU PLAY THE BLACK
> AND THE RED COMES UP -- same 'social assumptions'? What about multiple
> viewpoint narratives, where the 'social assumptions' differ from
> character to character -- how do you know which 'social assumption' (if
> any) is the author's?

  In order to debate any issue, at least two parties must agree the subject
  is worthy of discussion. I think that would be a common social assumption.
  Supporters of opposing teams watch a football game on telly. Do they not
  share the common social assumption that this is an enjoyable way to pass
  the time?


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