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From: Damien (
Date: 13 Aug 2006

Hi Miker

I believe the Peter Temple book you were talking about must be Black Tide, the second book in the Jack Irish series. It's wonderful to see that Peter's books are finally making it over to the US. As a biased Aussie, I agree with you that it (and the rest of the series) is a damned good book.

Cheers Damien

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> Back on track, I read a contemporary Peter Temple
> detective novel and them boys were doing corporate
> espionage. Sounded good to me. And like Jack
> mentioned, they were doing a lot of internet work,
> including breaking into passworded sites.
> Incidentally, the Temple book was pretty damned good,
> in spite of the author's tendency to politically
> stereotype. I don't remember the name of it.
> Something black or dark in the title, but that don't
> narrow it down much nowadays.
> miker

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