Re: RARA-AVIS: Blackburn and The Things They Carried

From: Ed Lynskey (
Date: 12 Aug 2006

I heard O'Brien give a reading from this collection. He tells a good story, too. His talk make out Vietnam had a life-changing impact on him.

On something else, I wonder how many hardboiled writers came out of the Vietnam War experience? Didn't Crumley serve there?

Ed Lynskey

--- Michael Robison <> wrote:

> Blackburn is the serial killer book that Pelecanos
> recommended. It's kinda humorous, really. I liked
> it.
> Yes, I noticed that the stories are interrelated. I
> couldn't get to sleep until way late last night and
> managed to work my way through most of them. A little
> overwrought for my tastes, but still good stories.

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