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From: Karin Montin (
Date: 10 Aug 2006

I'm afraid I can't defend my use of the word boring. Checking the archives, I find I was rather vague when I first read it, saying only that I preferred the Hoke Mosely books. In the intervening five years I've also read The Burnt Orange Heresy and The Cock Fighter on recommendations from here, and was not disappointed. For some reason, The Woman Chaser did not appeal to me at all. It's the only Willeford I would not recommend. Obviously lots of other people thought it was very good.


At 10:07 AM 10/08/2006 -0700, Channing wrote:

>I don't know how "Woman Chaser" can be called
>'boring.' It's a quick, taut read. I guess it's
>lacking in the crime and mystery department, but it's
>100% noir.
>As a satire of Hollywood it's pretty telling. An ace
>used car salesman, who specializes in manipulating
>people and is a master of B.S. is chewed up and spit
>out by the Hollywood system.
>It also features Willeford's hallmark amoral
>protagonist who casually and indifferently inflicts
>pain and suffering on those around him. And it
>features Willeford's pitch black humor.
>I didn't like the movie as much as others have. I
>feel that Patrick Warburton captures the humor in the
>character, but the movie doesn't get the noir aspects
>of the novel right. It's too light and frothy and
>there's not enough of Willeford's grit.
>However, I agree it was a well-made film shot on a
>shoestring budget, and I applaud director Devore and
>everyone involved in the production for nearly getting
>it right. Maybe I'll watch the movie again with
>lowered expectations and see how I feel about it now.

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