RE: RARA-AVIS: Abrahams - Oblivion

From: Chris M (
Date: 10 Aug 2006

I recently read Peter Abrahams' Oblivion. Though I have since read about Abrahams in the RA Archives, I was not familair with him until Joyce Carole Oates' New Yorker review of Oblivion last year.

I'll keep this short and say that though I enjoyed the book greatly and even have Abrahams' next one on my shelf waiting to be read, I thought the conclusion was so obvious and telegraphed that I'm slighlty worried I missed some sort of meta lesson on P.I. narratives that Abrahams was using the book to convey. Was this true for anyone else?

I should add that I almost never see plot mechanics coming. Connelly, in particular, spins me like a top every time out.

In addition to Abrahams' End of Story, the others on deck are Bruin's Cabre and Scott Smith's The Ruins.

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