RARA-AVIS: Woman Chaser; was Willeford's The Difference

From: Jeff Vorzimmer ( jvorzimmer@austin.rr.com)
Date: 09 Aug 2006

> I liked it, and found the movie adaptation of it entertaining as hell

> John Lau

Ditto that. The book was great, I thought, and I'm not a huge Willeford fan, but the movie was magnificent. One of the best film adaptations of a hardboiled classic I've seen. It's too bad it didn't get a wider audience. You'd swear it was shot circa 1961. I understand that in order to get that unique contrasty look to the film, they shot the whole thing in color and then digitally converted it to black & white.

Woman Chaser is easily my favorite Willeford novel. Now that I'm on a Charles Williams binge I look back on it and realize that I liked Woman Chaser because it reads like a Williams novel, with a little bit of Dan Marlowe thrown in.


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