RARA-AVIS: Another 23 Shades of Black by WJA Wishnia fan

From: e_lynskey ( e_lynskey@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Aug 2006

There has been some recent positive discussion here by Bruce and Jim re: Ken Wishnia's books. I echo the sentiment. This title (reprinted by Point Blank Press) involves an American-Ecuador police officer in NYC named Filomena Buscarsela. My reading experience is Fil grows on you as a character. She's a tough, tenacious, and independent gal who aspires to become a detective. There's enough police work given ere to make this a semi-procedural. Fil's unsettled past in Ecuador is given via her long, frequent musings. The pace picks up near the end with a satisfying climax. I'll read more in the series to follow her interesting character development.

Ed Lynskey

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