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From: Al Guthrie (
Date: 14 Jul 2006

My final thoughts on this:

An argument that contends that Enid Blyton's work is 'literature' but David Goodis's isn't, is one which isn't going to convince me. The same argument would state that Goodis was 'literature' in France, but not in the UK/US. Baffling.

As for the democracy metaphor: what's being described isn't democracy, it's majoritarianism. Any successful democracy strives to treat its minorities with respect. Ditto with literature.


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  Re your comments below:

  "I wasn't talking about initial publication either,
  Jim. I was thinking of books that go out of print and
  are then reintroduced. That would include twentieth
  century classics like Umberto Eco's FOUCAULT'S
  PENDULUM, Max Frisch's HOMO FABER and Hermann Hesse's
  THE GLASS BEAD GAME, all of which were out of print in
  the UK during periods when I used to work in a
  bookstore. So was Eric Ambler's entire work. For a
  long time."

  I see your point, but that's somewhat different from a
  novel that's in print virtually continually over a
  long period of time, which is what I understodd Miker
  to be talking about.

  That IS a response to a continuing public demand.

  "I'd also suggest that 'the public decides what gets
  bought' is only true on a technicality. The public
  cannot buy what is not available for purchase. I know
  many cases where initial print runs of books have sold
  out but the publisher hasn't reprinted."

  On the other hand, if a publisher KEEPS a book in
  print, continuously, over a long period of time, he is
  responding to a public demand. That's more than just
  a technicality.

  And, returning to Miker's "democracy" metaphor, voters
  can only vote for candidates who are actually running.
  If they don't run, whether because they choose not to
  or because their party doesn't give them material
  support (the political equivalent of a publisher
  refusing to keep a successful book in print), it may
  make the democratic process imperfect, but it doesn't
  make it something other than democracy.


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