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From: Jack Quick ( jquick5342@yahoo.com)
Date: 30 Nov 2005

Tony Burton write: Anyway... what I'm getting to is this: Jack, you said you wouldn't review it unless you think you are going to enjoy it. Doesn't that tend to make your reviews sort of inherently "good reviews"? And by that I mean, do you ever give a negative review of a book? It's not an accusation, I'm just curious. I've done a lot of reviewing of various things: books, computer hardware, software, and when it sucked, I said it sucked. I wonder if you, and anyone else here who reviews, is of the same mind? Or am I just a misanthropic minority?

Joy Matkowski wrote: I've been an Internet reviewer, too, and my reviews have even been cited on authors' websites. I'm a self-employed person, though, and before long, I realized that each book review I wrote, too often about a dreadful book that had a interesting premise, was costing me a couple of hundred dollars in unrealized income.

Jim Winter wrote: Somehow, I DID get on a couple of publisher's radars, and let one of them know I would do reviews. Now I get emails for financial scheme books, self-help, and an odd romance.

Elaine Flinn wrote: Jack- just saw your review of DEADLY on the bookbitch.
 My thanks to your wife! But, uh-I kinda like to think of myself as medium-boiled. Am I wrong here?

Tony - I think Jim and Joy answered you question probably better than I can. I do try to tell it like it is, I also try to not waste my own time when I suspect I will be less than satisfied. For example, I think Elaine Flinn is an excellent author (go ahead and blush, Ms. Flinn). I tried her first book and found it too soft for me. My wife, however, thought it was one of her best reads. So with Elaine's latest, I didn't even try since I suspect I would have probably rated it as just okay. My wife though says its the best yet.

I guess what it comes to is that if you have the time and inclination to sample all of Baskin Robbins flavors, great. On the other hand if you find two or three that you really like, then why not indulge those tastes. I basically look for new voices but am fairly restrictive regarding the "type" book I read

Hope this is responsive to all.

Alabama Jack

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