Re: RARA-AVIS: RE: Harrington reference in 'Second Skin'/ Kent says thank!

From: Kukana Fields (
Date: 13 Sep 2005

Mr. Lau,
  Someone called me late one night and said:
"Hay man you're in this movie I'm watching."
"I told you to get off those drugs. What happened to the 12 steps?" I say.
"No, no really man." he says
"Put your girlfriend on." I say. She comes on sounding a little surprised. I knew her pretty well.
"You're in this movie," She says to me. "You're . . .
"Jesus! He's got you on the stuff now!" I say.
  Thanks. And later me and my wife rented it, and it was really fun when I heard the actress saying my name right off the bat! (I laughed for some reason; it makes you laugh like a little kid.). And the mother of all plugs! I owe you a large drink.
  kent wrote:

In a message dated 9/13/05 3:48:40 PM, writes:

> John Lau wrote:
> >I was just kidding, Kent.   didn't really buy the other guy's book.   but I
> >was so impressed with Dia De Los Muertos, that I had a character plug both
> >it
> >and you in a movie I wrote, which unfortunately pales in comparison to your
> >fine novel
> Was that movie Second Skin?  I remember seeing this on VHS (ah, videotape -
> seems so long ago now).  From memory, I think the movie's femme fatale
> (Natasha Henstridge) asked the bookstore owner about Jim Thompson and Kent
> Harrington books.  A good thriller, and I was pleased to see a movie
> acknowledging its written influences.  The movie also had a real sting in
> the end.

wow. somebody actually saw it. thank you very much

specifically, Natasha's character is in a used paperback store, chatting up the owner. he asks her what kind of books she likes and she rattles off the genre as well as a few of her favorite practitioners of the black art of which she is ostensibly fond. all in the name of foreplay. she gives him the translation of the book title to foreshadow the story they are beginning

I'm not sure the sting at the end really works after story compromises we had to make in production

glad you enjoyed it. but again, it's no Dia De Los Muertos

John Lau

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