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Date: 24 Jul 2005

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You assume correctly. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.:)

Brian Thornton

That's good to hear. It was so subtle it almost fell into the category of "Too cool for the room." :)

This has become a very lively, perhaps slightly off-topic, discussion. The one thing I'd like to add is that (I think) Charles' opinion should carry the same weight as all of our opinions. (Or lack of weight, however you want to look at it.) I wouldn't want him to feel censored anymore than anyone else on the board (which would be: not at all.). I think he should be comfortable weighing in with his feelings - and we should understand that he comes with a natural bias as the publisher/editor of Hard Case Crime. Just as we all come with our own natural bias(es? Could I borrow an editor please?).

Having Charles around would not stop me from criticizing a Hard Case book. Although it is unlikely that it would happen, considering my reading habits. I rarely pick up anything that I'm not fairly certain I will enjoy. Life's too short to slug through books that I can tell I won't like. And I can almost always tell by doing two minutes of research of the title in question. I have bought a number of Hard Case books, but I have also passed on a number of them as well because they just didn't interest me. (And not purchasing a book is probably the harshest criticism you can lay on one. It's silent, but deadly.)

We're stumbling into one of those "meta" conversations here. We're discussing what is proper to be discussed and how it should be discussed and if we should discuss the discussion. But once again, I think it would be a mistake to say that Charles shouldn't be able to criticize his critics without making us feel that we can't speak openly in this forum.

But, of course, by the same logic, I suppose his critics of his criticism of their criticism should also be allowed to speak openly as well.

Head spinning...forget I said anything...forget I was even here.


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