RARA-AVIS: Point Blank, the movie

From: William Denton ( wtd@pobox.com)
Date: 06 Jul 2005

On 24 June 2005, William Denton wrote:

: In related news, POINT BLANK (1967), the great movie adaptation of the
: first Parker novel by Westlake/Stark, is due out on DVD (in North America,
: at least) on 5 July. I've only seen it once, years ago, and I can't wait
: to see it again. In my mind, Parker looks like Lee Marvin.

It's weirder than I remembered. There's one scene where Walker (as Parker is called) finds a woman dead. He goes out of the room, then comes back in, and she's gone and the bed is bare but there's a cat on it. He goes out again, then comes back in, and now all the furniture is gone. On the commentary track, Stephen Soderbergh asked director John Boorman about this but he didn't really explain what the hell was going on.

Boorman said that the script they started with was bad, and Marvin threw it out. That script, he added with a slight smirk in his voice, was very much like the one Mel Gibson used for his remake, PAYBACK. Boorman said they went back to the book, but I'll have to reread it to see how close it is. Certainly they give some background for Walker that's un-Parkerlike.

It's a fine movie. Lee Marvin is still how I picture Parker.


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