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Date: 28 Apr 2005

Here's the beginning chapter of Iguana Love as it was originally, but it sounds like it needs a rewrite to me. Maybe they really had other reasons for cutting it. My reputation was probably saved and now I'm ruining it. Vicki
 Iguana Love
     I'm perched naked atop Henry, squatting lightly on his mouth, giving my quadriceps a good workout. I glance up from his face to the TV screen. It's seventy-nine degrees in Miami Beach, open waters with a light chop, says the eleven p.m. news--probably be nice for a dive tomorrow, but it doesn't matter now. 
    I look back down at Henry. His blue eyes are wide, and my bright red pubic hair, curling around his thin nose, reminds me of a basket starfish engulfing its prey.
     He's fallen for my breasts and face--so sweet, they all say peaches and cream--and the long soft hair and flaming crotch. But my tits are artificially augmented and grown hard with scar tissue as the rest of me.   
     Henry's wrists are tied to the heavy TV console legs, his ankles to the wooden stumps of the couch. His mouth is tucked full of white cotton panty. At five-foot nine, one-hundred-sixty pounds of solid muscle, fear, and disillusion, I could let my weight down and smother him.
      "Ramona Romano," I say to this balding detective beneath me. "That's me. The best you've ever had. Right?"
     His cheeks bunch up. He's smiling under me, enjoying it. He's probably thinking how the red hair doesn't match the name. He's not thinking of danger.  
       "Drink," I say to him, regardless of his mouth full of cotton. "Drink from the fountain of sexual power." I'm talking down into his face, pressing my pubic bone into the soft part of his nose, rubbing my enlarged clitoris against his septum, rubbing, rubbing, feeling my warm juices flow. Yes. Yes. Come
. . .Come . . . Ahh. A little more moisture after a long workout.
      "You like it?" I ask. I let my weight down and feel him tense. His arms and legs jerk. He's not sure now, but doesn't want to show his fear if this is still a game. He blinks. His sex-weakened brain clicks--could be he's beneath a killer.
     I feel the heat rising under my thighs from his armpits. He heaves his chest off the floor, wiggles his legs. He needs air. "One-hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven . . ."
     He wrenches sideways. He knows he can't last the countdown to one. I have all the power. Henry's eyes bulge and he tries a gulp deep in his throat.
     "Ninety-six, ninety-five," I say. I tighten my quads and raise my hips a little. Half a breath and then I'm back down.
     His eyes are shining. He tries to swallow. He knows I have reason to kill him. Besides that he doesn't know me at all.
     "Ramona Romano," I repeat. "Ra-mo-na Ro-man-o." I like him to remember who's in control. I've had a few drinks, but I can still say it without getting tongue-tied. My own fucking name. My mother the joker--her name was Jane Smith.
      "The proximal end of the femur is ankelized at the acetabulum of the oscenamenata." It's a nursing school memory--so long ago now. It means the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone, but maybe Henry thinks I'm speaking in tongues.
     "What am I gonna do with you?" I ask him. I sigh. I raise up and allow him one deep inhalation, then sit back down, make him wait to exhale.
      I contort my face into a picture of his, eyes wide, nose scrunched. I mimic him sucking air through his nose. Those blue eyes turn to brimming pools as his terror deepens further than he ever knew it could from a woman. I grit my teeth and the muscles in my face and neck go hard from habit, but I don't feel anything. I rise and let him choke and take a long snort of air and sit back down.
     "This breath's in memory of Enzo," I say. He knows what that means. My thoughts start whirling over the past year. A blackness floats in front of my eyes and I close them. I shift my weight off his face and onto my knees to think.       

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